mcMMO changes: Due to mcMMO limiting the max rank to 8, we have re-adjusted the arcane forging success and downgrade rate accordingly. Previously, players were not able to obtain a 100% success rate nor a 0% success rate because of the limit. The table below is the latest setting:   Rank (level to obtain) Success Rate (%) Downgrade Chance (%) 1 (100) 5 75 2 (200) 10 65 3 (350) 25 50 4 (500) 35 40 5 (750) 50 30 6 (1000) 75 20 7 (1250) 90 10 8 (1500) 100 0   Additionally, salvaging items will now only give you up to 85% of the material back. This can be achieved by reaching level 1000 in repair.   Others[…]

It’s the best holiday ever! It’s almost Christmas! Every year, not only does Santa give out presents, he also helps families in need by decorating their houses and helping spread the holiday happiness. But there’s a problem. Santa lost everything and he needs your help. After checking his…other list, he seems to be missing a few things. Your goal is to find them all to save Christmas! The lost stuff are disguised as cards. There are 20 cards that need to be found before Christmas so he can get this thing going. Here are the following cards that must be found: Christmas Wrapping Paper, Lights, Ribbon Ornament Balls, Presents, Snowman, Snowflake Ornament Mistletoe, Stockings, Candy Cane, Bells Reef, Angel, Hat,[…]

God mode is now disabled in the Nether World. Why? The original intent of giving players /fly and /god mode were for players who just wanted to build and play peacefully without getting killed from mobs or falling. The server is still survival at the end of the day and god mode defeats the purpose as players will never die. A majority of the features in place are geared towards survival; such as infernals, harder mobs, etc. Therefore, we felt that if players who would like to take advantage of those aspects (instead of just building for fun), god mode and fly mode should be disabled so it is fair for everyone. Cards are now only found in Survival City.[…]

Welcome to the Halloween Update (v1.3.4)! Halloween is right around the corner and it couldn’t be a better time to release this update! There will be some major changes with existing features as well as new features and events. So please read through this to make sure you don’t miss out on anything!   Cards are back! Cards are back and better than ever! If you have played on our server before, you’ll remember collecting cards to unlock rewards and features. This was previously removed temporarily and it is now back and overhauled! Instead of only being able to collect 4-5 different cards like before, players are now capable of collecting over 75 different cards. Each card belongs to a[…]

Starting today, the Vashti, Orym and Iolas keys just got better. In addition to the normal rewards you’d typically get with these keys, there are now real physical rewards such as gift cards, gift boxes full of goodies, and more! Win up to $100 in Gift Cards from any supported store or place (such as Amazon, Walmart, Steam, etc), gift boxes with up to $100 in content value and more! Yes, these are real items that will be shipped to you. Anybody with keys are capable of winning these items.     In order for the user to win any of these items, they must be a player of more than 30 days on Ryalin with at least 24 hours[…]

We are glad to introduce our brand new store page! This brand new area will offer a lot of more information regarding packages and much more things. We believe that this system is much easier to navigate and use. Players may visit our new site at or visit and click on the Store menu. In addition to this, there are now special deals and promotions available! Get 15% off your next three new orders (even if you have donated before) with no minimum balance or product exclusions. There are other promotions as well afterwards with up to 20% off. Last but not least, any order of $35 or more will qualify for bonus keys (completely free)! We hope that this[…]

Minecraft Update to 1.12.1: Server will be updating to 1.12.1. Because this update fixes a security bug, this version is not backwards compatible. If you are still on 1.12 (or lower), you will not be able to join. For users who require Optifine to play, the latest download supports 1.12.1. mcMMO: Notifications and alerts will no longer spam chat. Instead, they will be shown in your action bar (above your health and hunger bar). Herbalism has been fixed and should be fully functional now. If you are not receiving experience points for herbalism, it may be due to the crop being old (meaning they were planted before the fix). So replanting the crops should fix this. Alerts: Players may now[…]

Horse Updates Horse lists are now separated by pages All players with donor ranks are now able to claim up to 100 horses. Horse variant is now viewable in /horse list and /horse info Players with the Mercenary rank or higher may resuscitate horses for a fee of $1500 using /horse rez Dead horses are now shown in /horse list Protected horses (/horse protect) are now protected by events caused indirectly by other players (such as using TNT or drowning horses). Once a horse is claimed (/horse claim), it will automatically be protected and locked from other players. Undead Horses (zombie horses) may now be leashed. Shops Players are now officially able to create shops anywhere in the Towny world![…]

Brewing drinks are now a thing! Learn the art of brewing through trial and error until you perfected a drink. There are well over a dozen different type of drinks ranging from alcoholic beverages and simple things like tea and fruit punch. As stated earlier, brewing is completely a trial-and-error type thing. Recipes for drinks aren’t provided, thus, you are required to mess around with different ingredients (and quantities) to figure out how to perfectly brew a drink. Use too little of an ingredient and it might not come out great. Use too much and it might be ruined. Brewing Items can be brewed in a cauldron. Simply place a cauldron over some sort of heat, such as fire or[…]

  Race Update Races will now have more meaning than just separation in classes. For everyone who is already in a race, please rejoin your race (or switch) using the /race command.