God mode is now disabled in the Nether World. Why? The original intent of giving players /fly and /god mode were for players who just wanted to build and play peacefully without getting killed from mobs or falling. The server is still survival at the end of the day and god mode defeats the purpose as players will never die. A majority of the features in place are geared towards survival; such as infernals, harder mobs, etc. Therefore, we felt that if players who would like to take advantage of those aspects (instead of just building for fun), god mode and fly mode should be disabled so it is fair for everyone. Cards are now only found in Survival City.[…]

Welcome to the Halloween Update (v1.3.4)! Halloween is right around the corner and it couldn’t be a better time to release this update! There will be some major changes with existing features as well as new features and events. So please read through this to make sure you don’t miss out on anything!   Cards are back! Cards are back and better than ever! If you have played on our server before, you’ll remember collecting cards to unlock rewards and features. This was previously removed temporarily and it is now back and overhauled! Instead of only being able to collect 4-5 different cards like before, players are now capable of collecting over 75 different cards. Each card belongs to a[…]