Just a small update and change for Peons or higher. The original method of storing XP has been removed (right clicking a lapis block) due to potential lag issues when attempting to cash out 200 levels of XP or higher.

Towny Starting next Friday (May 26th), towny prices will be adjusted to balance out the growing economy. Until then, this should allow users to make sure that they have enough money in their town’s bank to pay for the daily upkeep fee. Below is a small run through of how much towns and nations are expected to pay based on the number of residents in the town or nation.

Welcome to the opening release of Ryalin. We have been working hard over the past several months to develop a world like no other. We offer a variety of features on the server. Below are some of the major features that Ryalin has to offer. Of course, there are smaller features and details that you will just have to experience as you play on the server.   Opening Release Features: Custom World Experience a uniquely generated world and explore it until your heart’s content. The world contains over a dozen biomes with several unique generated buildings including towers, hobbit houses, campsites, and more! In addition to the custom world, we have a regular vanilla world to mine and gather resources[…]