It’s the best holiday ever!

It’s almost Christmas! Every year, not only does Santa give out presents, he also helps families in need by decorating their houses and helping spread the holiday happiness. But there’s a problem. Santa lost everything and he needs your help. After checking his…other list, he seems to be missing a few things. Your goal is to find them all to save Christmas!

The lost stuff are disguised as cards. There are 20 cards that need to be found before Christmas so he can get this thing going.

Here are the following cards that must be found:

Christmas Wrapping Paper, Lights, Ribbon
Ornament Balls, Presents, Snowman, Snowflake Ornament
Mistletoe, Stockings, Candy Cane, Bells
Reef, Angel, Hat, Mittens, Gingerbread Man
Candles, Cookies, Hot Chocolate, Sleigh

If you’d like a list to check off, you can download the PDF version here:¬†

Santa is willing to offer 3 Roulette Keys, 2 Christmas Keys, $100,000 and 500 tokens to anybody who is able to find all of these things for him.

Missing Presents

That’s not all though, Santa also lost his bag of presents around spawn. Somehow, they got all spread around. Can you find them?

Santa checked his list twice and found that he lost 35 Christmas presents. If you’re capable of finding them, he is offering 2x Christmas Key, a Christmas Card pack, and 500 Tokens. Look around spawn and find the hidden Christmas¬†presents as fast as possible, he’s in a hurry!


Advent Calendar

During your holiday hunt, there is an advent calendar that players can open every day until the 25th of December. Each day offers a special prize and is claimable on that day only. If you miss out, you will no longer be able to claim the prize.

You can open your calendar using /adventcalendar, /advent or /cal.


Updated Keys

With popular requests, we have removed points as a reward from the three major keys. You will continue to receive points from your lucky spin keys, however. Christmas Keys are also here for a limited time only.