God mode is now disabled in the Nether World.

Why? The original intent of giving players /fly and /god mode were for players who just wanted to build and play peacefully without getting killed from mobs or falling.

The server is still survival at the end of the day and god mode defeats the purpose as players will never die. A majority of the features in place are geared towards survival; such as infernals, harder mobs, etc. Therefore, we felt that if players who would like to take advantage of those aspects (instead of just building for fun), god mode and fly mode should be disabled so it is fair for everyone.

Cards are now only found in Survival City.

This is going to be a long one because there’s a certain group of players on here that will absolutely hate this change. This change was done in efforts to improve the experience of the server. So bare with me as you read this:

Although we respect the players who build mechanisms to grind for things, it was never a philosophy we had in mind on the server. It takes away a significant part of the survival aspect and isn’t following the direction we’d like the server to follow. As we developed Ryalin, we configure it in a way that is based on survival and exploration. We took into consideration and based things on how hard things are and how rare things are. With mechanisms that allows players to grind, those factors are no longer a thing and therefore, it makes the results much easier. Humans are known for doing things efficiently and easily. Thus, I don’t blame the players who build these mechanisms to make life better. However, as stated previously, the way features are designed aren’t based on grinding mechanisms and their ease. With how easy they are, we’d have to re-adjust the settings to accommodate for such things, which in other words, make rewards harder to earn just to balance out the easiness from grinders.

Well, why don’t you do that, John? If we raised the standards to accommodate for grinders, the difficulty for players who aren’t using grinders would be insanely hard, if not impossible, just because the output is not equivalent. It might be easy to get 500 zombies from a grinder but finding 50 zombies in the world might be more difficult. This would inevitably force a majority of the players to use grinders instead because why would they risk their lives and stuff when it’s much easier to use a grinder. This takes away from the survival aspect and the challenge we have in mind.

There’s a reason why we have a playtime requirement for ranking up. It isn’t to force players to play more, it’s to restrict players from ranking up so fast. Because we know players will do that and then they’ll complain that they have nothing else to do. Be restricting grinding on certain things, it follows the same aspect. If all you do is grind to earn the rewards, you’ll make a lot of money and anything else that is given (that is suppose to be meaningful and hard to earn). So now that you have all of the money in the world and every “hard to get item”, now what? What are you going to do when you’re 10 times richer than the previous richest player and you have everything you need? You’re done, the server is now boring to you.

To make things fair for everyone, we decided it was best to only drop cards in the Survival City map. We have also decided to increase the spawn limit to ensure there are plenty of mobs around. We figured this move would make it an even and fair battle field for everyone on the server.

Lucky Spin keys will now give some candy

Every time you open a Lucky Spin key, you’ll be awarded a random amount of candy to help you with your candy-finding journey. Be sure to have some space in your inventory when opening the key!