Welcome to the Halloween Update (v1.3.4)!

Halloween is right around the corner and it couldn’t be a better time to release this update! There will be some major changes with existing features as well as new features and events. So please read through this to make sure you don’t miss out on anything!


Cards are back!

  • Cards are back and better than ever! If you have played on our server before, you’ll remember collecting cards to unlock rewards and features. This was previously removed temporarily and it is now back and overhauled!
  • Instead of only being able to collect 4-5 different cards like before, players are now capable of collecting over 75 different cards. Each card belongs to a certain tier or “category” (based on rarity) and as you collect all of the cards inside one category, you can unlock a reward for it! There are common cards, rare cards and more. Cards may also be traded with other players using the /trade feature.
  • Cards may be found by killing naturally spawned mobs or in card packs.
  • There are several card packs purchasable in-game and in our online store! Card packs include a variety of different cards in different tiers. Packs may be found in treasure chests and in the Vashti, Orym or Iolas keys.
  • To read more about how cards work, visit our wiki page!


Halloween Cards

  • In addition to the normal cards that can be collected, we have also included special, limited edition, Halloween Cards! Collect all 15 Halloween Cards and unlock a special reward!
  • With Halloween Cards, there is also a Halloween Card Pack! These may be found in treasure chests and keys and purchasable with in-game and in our online store (players may only purchase a max of 2 Halloween Packs in our online store).
  • Like normal cards, you may trade with other players to get what you need.
  • Halloween Cards will only be available until November 1st. So collect them as fast as possible!


Random Halloween Loot Crates + Halloween Contest

  • What’s Halloween without candy? Well, too bad Minecraft doesn’t offer candy in game yet. So we’ll need everyone to use some creativity for this one.
  • Throughout the day, random Halloween Loot Crates will spawn around our brand new world, Survival City. Coordinates will be given in chat and the first player to reach the crate will be able to collect the contents inside! So I hope you’re fast enough!
  • What’s inside? Candy! What is it for? Starting today until November 1st, players will be able to collect candy. The top three players at the end of the month with the most candy will be able to win stuff!
    • First Place (most candy): $100 in-store coupon code
    • Second Place: $50 in-store coupon code
    • Third Place: $25 in-store coupon code


New World?!

  • Welcome to Survival City, our brand new world. This will be the new home for infernal mobs and where the Halloween Loot Crates are spawned. You didn’t think we’d make finding the crates that easy, right?
  • God Mode and Fly Mode are not available in this world. It’ll just make things a bit too easy for you. So we hope you have some good armor.
  • This new world is available in our new world list page: /worlds


Infernal Mobs

  • Did we mention it was Halloween? Infernal Mobs are now stronger than ever! By how much? I guess you’ll find out.
  • Leveling remains the same despite the strength/power changes. Max level for an infernal mob is still Level 10.


New Locking System

  • The OLD locking system will be officially removed on January 1st. During this time, please transition any old locked chests to the new system. Newly placed containers will automatically be locked with the new system.
  • In order to improve security and streamline the process, we are switching to an entirely new, signless, locking system. These are all command based without the use of signs. To read more about this new locking system, please visit our wiki page!


New Pets – Suggested by Steamedications

  • Our previous pets were kind of dull and useless. To spice things up a bit, we have overhauled the entire pet system. You can now collect, find and train pets! Pets are able to have their own skill tree and special skills to help you play the game. As pets level up, they will unlock more skills and features!
  • By default, players are able to find and make Pigs, Cows, Sheeps and Chickens as pets. Other mobs may be pets as long as they are unlocked. To unlock more pets, you must find them in treasure chests and keys.
  • To find more information about pets, please read our wiki page!


Daily Keys

  • Daily Keys has been replaced with the all new Lucky Spin key! Instead of getting a key every 24 hours, Lucky Spin keys are obtainable every 4 hours now. You can still use /dailybonus, /db or whatever command you used before along with /luckyspin and /ls.


New Fishing System – Suggested by and48302

  • Fishing is way too simple and easy. Let’s make it a bit more interesting and realistic, shall we?
  • There are now over 20 different fishes you can catch ranging from common ones to rare ones worth over $10,000! But, they’re not as easy as vanilla fishing (regular Minecraft fishing). Much like real fishing, you must be patient and pull the fish in. However, the fish will try to fight back and escape. If your fishing line is too tight (high tension), it might break and the fish will escape. If you don’t pull too much, the fish might escape as well.
  • There are also baits. Some fishes require certain bait in order for you to catch them. You can buy some bait with our included bait store and you can also catch live bait to use to catch other fishes.
  • To learn more about fishing, type /fish in-game or visit our wiki page here!


6-sided blocks – Suggested by Steamedications

  • For those builders out there who are looking for a few more blocks, you’ll love this! You are now able to craft 6-sided logs, smoothed slab blocks (made from two stone half-slabs), and even smoothed sandstone!
    • 6 sided logs can be crafted in the workbench using 2×2 logs
    • Smoothed stone slab blocks can be crafted using 2×2 stone half-slabs
    • Smoothed sandstone can be crafted using 2×2 sandstone slabs
    • A wiki page will be made on this soon.

Other miscellaneous changes

  • The max Race level is now 60 (previously 50).
  • Veinminer has been moved to Mercenary.
  • Points have been further re-adjusted.
  • The minimum withdraw amount for experience bottles (/expbottle) is now 1395.
  • Voting will now give 1 experience levels per vote instead of 2.
  • All worlds are now set to Hard (difficulty).