Starting today, the Vashti, Orym and Iolas keys just got better. In addition to the normal rewards you’d typically get with these keys, there are now real physical rewards such as gift cards, gift boxes full of goodies, and more!

Win up to $100 in Gift Cards from any supported store or place (such as Amazon, Walmart, Steam, etc), gift boxes with up to $100 in content value and more! Yes, these are real items that will be shipped to you. Anybody with keys are capable of winning these items.



    • In order for the user to win any of these items, they must be a player of more than 30 days on Ryalin with at least 24 hours of playtime, little to no previous records of any rule breakage (depending on the severity), no record of transactional chargebacks and are deemed trustworthy. Physical item gifts may be placed on hold to determine legitimacy of the player and transaction. Players may choose to forgo the reward in exchange for 3 replacement keys.