Minecraft Update to 1.12.1:

  • Server will be updating to 1.12.1. Because this update fixes a security bug, this version is not backwards compatible. If you are still on 1.12 (or lower), you will not be able to join. For users who require Optifine to play, the latest download supports 1.12.1.


  • Notifications and alerts will no longer spam chat. Instead, they will be shown in your action bar (above your health and hunger bar).
  • Herbalism has been fixed and should be fully functional now. If you are not receiving experience points for herbalism, it may be due to the crop being old (meaning they were planted before the fix). So replanting the crops should fix this.


  • Players may now use @username to mention them. This will notify them incase they are not paying attention in chat. Example usage: “Do you need dirt, @Emese”. This will not work with player’s nicknames.
  • If for some reason you do not like this functionality, you may disable it using /pm toggle.


  • Points have been further adjusted in accordance to the rank requirements.
  • Prices for all Nord and Mage activities have been increased.
  • Human’s jump boost has been removed and replaced with a health boost due to popular demand.
  • Minor database optimizations and other tweaks to improve performance.
  • KNOWN BUG: You may get a message saying that you must wait X amount of time before getting paid. Please ignore this message as you will get paid regardless, as long as you are doing your race’s tasks.


  • Daily quests are now here for players wishing to complete certain tasks to earn rewards. You will have up until 11:59PM EST of each day to complete the given quests to you. Afterwards, they will reset and a new set of quests will be offered.
  • You may view available quests using /quests

Mob Catchers:

  • The ability to purchase mob catchers are now available in the Token Shop (/tshop). Players are now able to catch free mobs anywhere in the world and place them elsewhere. Perfect for transporting villagers or hard-to-find mobs.
  • Prices:
    • 1x Mob Catcher: 50 Tokens
    • 3x Mob Catchers: 135 Tokens (10% off)
    • 5x Mob Catchers: 200 Tokens (20% off)


  • A couple of games have been added to the server if you are bored and don’t feel like building or working on anything else; Cube Runner and Spleef. These games are free to join and play.
    • Cube Runner: The goal of this game is to survive as long as possible and inevitably, be the last player standing. Blocks will fall on top of each player to crush them; so there is no time to stand still. This game is a mixture of strategy, parkour and a bit of anxiety.
      • To join this game, type /cr join arena1. One arena is available at the moment, more will be available soon.
    • Spleef: One of the most original games you can play. Your goal is to break blocks beneath other players in order to make them fall to their death. Last player standing is the winner.
      • To join this game, type /spleef join spleef1. More arenas will be available soon.

Death Messages:

  • In order to fix the rare case of spam when players dies repeatedly in a very short time period, some messages will be muted and only the first couple will show.
  • Tired of seeing player’s deaths still? You can now toggle it off using /deathmessage or /toggledeathmsg.


  • Extra town blocks (chunk claims) can now be purchased with money in additional to the usual method of buying them with tokens. The starting price for purchasing a town block will be $2500. Afterwards, the price will increase 25%.
  • Towns may buy extra blocks using: /town buy bonus {amount}
    • Note: 1 block = 16×16 area


  • During an active trade, if a player receives any damage (such as being attacked from a zombie), the trade will automatically be cancelled/stopped.
  • The trading system will now check and confirm if the money has been sent successfully. In the event that there is an issue where money was not sent or taken properly, the trade will be rolled back.
  • Minor bug fixes and other background tweaks.


  • Sign Editing: To replace the original method of editing signs (using an ink sac), players may now simply right click a sign while holding shift to edit the sign.The original method will still be available as it is helpful if you need to copy and paste signs.
  • Chat: You may now see a player’s race and level when hovering over their username in chat.
  • Tokens: Peons and above may now send tokens to other players using /token send
  • Menu: The gadgets, particles, pets and mood menu may now be opened using any of the following commands: /gadgets, /particles, /pets, /moods
  • New Gadget: Confetti
  • New Particle: Shaman
  • New Pets: Minions (little people who follows you around)
  • A bunch of minor bug fixes and other things that nobody cares about unless they experience it.