Horse Updates

  • Horse lists are now separated by pages
  • All players with donor ranks are now able to claim up to 100 horses.
  • Horse variant is now viewable in /horse list and /horse info
  • Players with the Mercenary rank or higher may resuscitate horses for a fee of $1500 using /horse rez
  • Dead horses are now shown in /horse list
  • Protected horses (/horse protect) are now protected by events caused indirectly by other players (such as using TNT or drowning horses).
  • Once a horse is claimed (/horse claim), it will automatically be protected and locked from other players.
  • Undead Horses (zombie horses) may now be leashed.


    • Players are now officially able to create shops anywhere in the Towny world! You must be a Tradesman or higher in order to be able to make a shop.
      • Simply hold the item you wish to sell, punch a chest (or trapped chest) and enter how much you would like to sell the item for (price is per item). Once completed, you may fill the chest with the item. Punch the sign to update the stock count.
      • There will be an initial $350 deposit to create a chest shop (each sell/buy sign is considered one chest shop). This $350 deposit will be refunded if the chest shop is deleted.
  • All transactions have a 6% tax rate.
    • A list of in-game shops are now available by using /shops or /market. If you have a shop that is not listed in this menu, please see…


XP Storage

  • Peons and higher are now able to store experience points again using /expbottle.



  • Assistants and Mayors (including Co-mayors) are now able broadcast messages to your town via /town say [message]
  • Nations are also able to broadcast messages using /nation say [message] if you are an Assistant or Mayor within the nation.
  • Towns may now outlaw any player (even non-members) from your town.
    • Outlawing a member of your town will automatically kick them from your town.
    • An outlawed player may not join your town, even if your town is open to the public.
    • You may outlaw a player with /town outlaw add [player name]
    • You may view a list of outlawed players in your town using /town outlawlist
  • Added /plot set perm ? for a help guide.


Custom Enchantments

  • Because this server isn’t entirely focused on PVP, we have removed most of the PVP oriented custom enchantments as they are useless for a majority of the players. These have been replaced with brand new enchantments that will help your gameplay.
  • Some of the new enchantments include auto-smelting ores when applied to a pickaxe, automatically sending the blocks to your inventory so you don’t need to pick it up (perfect when mining things over lava) and a few more!
  • If you have any custom enchanted books (opened/undusted, not lost books) that are PVP related and it is no longer available in game, please contact coletam to trade your book in for $10,000 each.


  • Soldiers and higher are now able to access the /food menu to buy a variety of food! Yes, players can eat them and it will satisfy their hunger!
  • Soldiers and higher are also able to sell food in their restaurant or shop to players who are not able to buy food directly from the server.


New Special Mobs

  • As you explore around the map, you may come across some new special mobs! These special mobs range in difficulty and may drop special loot that cannot be found anywhere else (unless players are selling/trading them, of course). They’re not hard to distinguish between normal mobs and you will usually get a message in chat when one is near.
  • These mobs can drop powerful tools/armor, special charms to enhance your gameplay and much more!

Miscellaneous Features:

  • Fixing Items: Fixing items with /fix (for Titan ranks and above) will now cost $7500 each. With this change, enchanted tools are now fixable
  • Fishing: While fishing, you will now always get fish even if you find treasure.
  • Item Showcase: Mercenaries and higher are now able to showcase their items in chat using the {item} or {i} tag. Example use: “Look at my pickaxe: {item}”
  • Disguise: Cavaliers and higher are now able to disguise as Parrot! Parrots are also included in Disguise Pack #2.