Brewing drinks are now a thing! Learn the art of brewing through trial and error until you perfected a drink. There are well over a dozen different type of drinks ranging from alcoholic beverages and simple things like tea and fruit punch.

As stated earlier, brewing is completely a trial-and-error type thing. Recipes for drinks aren’t provided, thus, you are required to mess around with different ingredients (and quantities) to figure out how to perfectly brew a drink. Use too little of an ingredient and it might not come out great. Use too much and it might be ruined.


Items can be brewed in a cauldron. Simply place a cauldron over some sort of heat, such as fire or lava and place water inside of it (as shown in the image below). Once that is set up, you may add ingredients into the cauldron by holding the item and right clicking the cauldron.

You may right click the cauldron with a clock to determine how long you have been brewing an ingredient or concoction.

Each drink requires different brew times. So play around with different brew times to see which amount is best for your drink recipe.

Cauldron setup


Certain drinks are required to be aged. In order to age your drinks, you can store it inside a barrel and wait until it is old enough. Barrels come in two sizes and can be made with each type of available wood in the game (spruce, oak, etc).

Small Barrels:

Small barrels are made of stairs in a cross-shape pattern as shown below with at least 2 blocks in depth. Thus, you will need 8 stairs to make a barrel. A sign must be placed on the bottom right corner of the barrel labeled “Barrel” on the first line to turn it into an official barrel. If you successfully do this, you will get a message in chat to confirm it. You may right click the barrel to open it and add brewed drinks.

Small Barrels
Small Barrels
Large Barrels:

Large barrels require a bit more resources but allows you to age more things at once. It requires 5 Fences, 16 Wooden stairs, and 18 wood planks to build a barrel shape. Note that the center of the barrel must be hollow. Build it as shown below and attach 4 fences as the legs and one fence in the bottom center of the barrel face to act as a “spigot”. Then place a sign in the center with “Barrel” on the first line to activate it.

Large Barrel
Large Barrel


Some drinks must be distilled in order for it to work successfully. Distilling the drink requires the brewing stand from Minecraft (the same brewing stand you use to make potions). Simply place your brewed drink into the brewing stand to distill. Note that it requires a glowstone dust in the top (center) slot of the brewing GUI to act as a filter.

Some drinks must be distilled several times while others may not. The time will vary.

Last notes

Most drinks have side effects (sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes none) when drunk. Higher quality brewed drinks will have increased effects (in terms of power and time). Your goal is to perfect the drink in order to have the best effects. You can do this by adding the perfect amount of ingredients the drink needs, aging it properly and distilling if necessary.

Alcoholic drinks do have an alcoholic level. Some drinks have higher levels than others. After you pass a certain level, you may become dizzy. High intensity drinks may give you bad side effects due to the strength.

We do not condone or encourage under-age drinking. We also do not encourage drinking too much as well as driving under the influence. There are plenty of non-alcoholic drinks you can brew for all of the under-age players on the server.

Enjoy and good luck on your brewing adventures!