Race Update

Races will now have more meaning than just separation in classes. For everyone who is already in a race, please rejoin your race (or switch) using the /race command.


  • Dwarves
      • Dwarves are earth dwellers and are known for their smithing, mining and crafting skills. On Ryalin, their task is to mine, craft and repair things.
      • As a dwarf, their special abilities contain faster mining (haste) and a perk boost in their mining, smelting and repairing skills.
  • Humans
      • Humans are known for their excavation and building skills. Their task will consist of excavating, crafting items and building things.
      • As a human, their special abilities contain faster digging, a jump boost and a perk boost in woodcutting, acrobatics and excavation.
  • Mages
      • Mages are specially trained people known for their ability to cast spells and perform magic.  Their task is to brew, enchant and craft items.
      • Their special abilities contain a luck boost when enchanting items, fire resistance and night vision.
  • Elves
      • Elves are known for making good peanut butter, but they’re also great at archery. They are responsible for breeding, taming, shearing and milking animals.
      • Additionally, elves are faster and have extra stamina. Additionally, they have a perk boost in their archery skill, herbalism and taming.
  • Nords
    • Nords are known for their high resistance to the cold and strength in general. Their task involves killing mobs, fishing and repairing items.
    • They have resistance to damage, has the capability of inflicting more damage against mobs and a perk boost in fishing and sword fighting.


During this update, everyone will have a week to change your current Race to something else. You WILL start back to Level 1 if you change your race, BUT, if you decide that you do not like this race and would like to go back to your original race, your progress will be saved.

For example, if you were a Level 23 Dwarf before the update and would like to switch to Human today, you will start at Level 1 as a Human. If you would like to go back to Dwarf, you can do so and you will still be a Level 23 Dwarf.


Shop Update:

  • All shops are now able to sell iron, gold, diamonds and emeralds, regardless of your race. Visit your race’s town to sell these items.

mcMMO Update:

  • 2 additional Arcane Forging ranks have been added (Rank 9 and 10 with skill levels of 1250 and 1500 respectively). With these new ranks, enchantment loss and enchantment downgrade chances have been adjusted in the player’s favor. See the table below for more information.


Rank (level requirement) Enchantment Keep Chance Enchantment Downgrade Chance
1 (125) 10% 75%
2 (250) 20% 50%
3 (375) 30% 40%
4 (500) 40% 30%
5 (625) 50% 25%
6 (750) 60% 20%
7 (875) 75% 15%
8 (1000) 85% 10%
9 (1250) 95% 5%
10 (1500) 100% 0%


What does Enchantment Keep Chance mean? This is the chance that the enchantment on your item will be kept when you repair it. Anything less than 100% means that there is a chance that one (or more) enchantments on your item is lost. For example, if you are a Rank 4 in repair, there is a 40% chance you will keep your enchantments a 60% chance something will be lost.


What does Enchantment Downgrade Chance mean? This is the chance that the enchantment on your item will lose a level. A 0% chance means that your enchantment will not get downgraded. For example, if you have an Unbreaking 3 pickaxe and you are Rank 1 in repair, there is a 75% chance that your Unbreaking level will lower to Unbreaking 2 or 1.



Town prices have been readjusted slightly.

  • Ruins (0-1 resident): ———–$500/day
  • Dwelling (2-3): ————–—-$1,000/day
  • Hamlet (4-7): —————–—$2,500/day
  • Village (8-11): —————––$5,000/day
  • Young Town (12-15): ———-$7,500/day
  • Common Town (16-27): –—-$10,000/day
  • Large Town (28-47): ———-$17,500/day
  • City (48-63): —————–—-$25,000/day
  • Large City (64-99): ———–-$35,000/day
  • Metropolis (100-199): ——–$50,000/day
  • Megalopolis (200+): ———-$75,000/day


Nation prices has also been adjusted as well.

  • Land of… (0-9) —————-$5,000/day
  • Federation of… (10-19) ——–$10,000/day
  • Dominion of… (20-29) ———$25,000/day
  • Kingdom of… (30-39) ———$50,000/day
  • Empire (40-59) ————– $75,000/day
  • Realm (60+) —————– $100,000/day



Bosses have been disabled in this update and will be reworked. We expect them to return in the next update pretty soon.


What to come for Bosses:

Without going into too much details, all bosses will have a minimum reward given when defeated. Their abilities and skills will be redone so it is not too impossible to kill them for the average player.

Rule Change

To give everyone enough space to build and expand when necessary, we are enforcing a 10 chunk (160 block) space buffer between players. What this means is, you must