Welcome to Ryalin 1.2!

This update contains some major changes and additional features. Please read thoroughly.

Sets & Rewards

    • Collect cards found throughout the server (such as in Treasure Chests, Daily Keys, Special Keys and killing mobs and bosses) and complete Sets for rewards! Sets are always rotating around, so be sure to complete sets as soon as possible to avoid missing out on the reward!
    • You can view sets through the /menu or /sets open
    • Current major set:
      • Summer Palooza 2017
        • Collect 5 Heat cards, 3 Silver cards and 2 Bronze cards
        • Reward:
          • [Palooza 2017] Special Tag
          • $50,000
          • 150 Tokens
          • 1 Orym Key

Special Tags

  • Special tags can be collected as you play. As you collect tags, you can select which tag you would like to showcase above your head (for others to see). Some tags may be limited edition and offered for a short time period.

New Bosses

  • Please welcome three new bosses who will be joining our server today:
    • Zarexhar – A friendly, but sometimes (maybe all the time) evil Wither Skeleton
    • Rhazien – A crazy evoker that you should probably stay away from.
    • Zayn – A zombie pigman that you do not want to touch.
    • Vossler – A grumpy Witch (aren’t all witches grumpy?)


Animal Protect – IMPORTANT READ

  • Starting today, personal land claims (claims from the golden shovel) will NO LONGER protect any animals inside your claim, including pets. This change was made because a feature was blocking the ability to share pets (such as horses) with other friends.
  • However, do not fear. Griefing (which includes killing pets) is still not allowed. In the event that an unwanted player kills your animal(s) (dog, sheep, cow, etc), please contact a staff member and they will gladly inspect the area and roll back (return) your animals/pets.
  • With this change, however, we have increased the horse/llama limit for almost every rank. This means that you will be able to protect and share more horses with your friends as you rank up.
    • Servant: Up to 2 horses (previously none)
    • Attendant: 6 horses (previously 1)
    • Peon: 10 horses (previously 2)
    • Tradesman: 15 horses (previously 4)
    • Mercenary: 20 horses (previously 6)
    • Soldier: 30 horses (previously 10)
    • Champion: 50 horses (previously 15)
    • Ranger: 75 horses (previously 20)
    • Warrior: 100 horses (previously 30)
  • There is nothing you will have to do to increase your limit. This has been done automatically. For more information on how to manage your horses/llama, please check /horse help


  • A couple of Races have been adjusted to balance out some things.
    • Humans will now make money when building houses, towns, etc.
    • Gunpowder has been added to Mages.

Treasure Chests

  • Treasure Chests will now spawn in the Farm (Resource) world


  • Items being sold (not bid) in the /auction will now last up to 24 hours (previously 12 hours). This should be long enough to accommodate all time zones.


As stated in the previous update, towny prices have been adjusted as follows:

  • Towns
    • Creating a new Town will now cost $3,500 (one time registration fee)
    • Daily upkeep fees for towns have been adjusted accordingly:
      • Ruins (0-1 resident): ———–$500/day
      • Dwelling (2-3): —————-$1,500/day
      • Hamlet (4-7): ——————$3,500/day
      • Village (8-11): —————–$5,000/day
      • Young Town (12-15): ———-$7,500/day
      • Common Town (16-27): ——-$12,500/day
      • Large Town (28-47): ———-$25,000/day
      • City (48-63): —————–$50,000/day
      • Large City (64-99): ———–$75,000/day
      • Metropolis (100-199): ———$100,000/day
      • Megalopolis (200+): ———-$250,000/day
    • Outposts are now $7,500 each
    • Townblock claims are now $750/chunk (16×16 area)
  • Nations
    • Creating a new Nation will now cost $100,000
    • Daily upkeep fees for nations have been adjusted accordingly:
      • Land of… (0-9) —————-$10,000/day
      • Federation of… (10-19) —-$25,000/day
      • Dominion of… (20-29) —–$50,000/day
      • Kingdom of… (30-39) ——$75,000/day
      • Empire (40-59) ————– $100,000/day
      • Realm (60+) —————– $150,000/day

Miscellaneous Updates:

  • Kit Starter now includes non-meat products to accommodate for our vegetarians out there!