Starting next Friday (May 26th), towny prices will be adjusted to balance out the growing economy. Until then, this should allow users to make sure that they have enough money in their town’s bank to pay for the daily upkeep fee. Below is a small run through of how much towns and nations are expected to pay based on the number of residents in the town or nation.

  • Prices:
    • Towns
      • Ruins (0-1 resident): ——–$500/day
      • Dwelling (2-3): —————-$1,500/day      
      • Hamlet (4-7): ——————$3,500/day          
      • Village (8-11): —————–$5,000/day       
      • Young Town (12-15): ——–$7,500/day     
      • Common Town (16-27): —-$12,500/day       
      • Large Town (28-47): ——–$25,000/day   
      • City (48-63): ——————$50,000/day      
      • Large City (64-99): ———$75,000/day     
      • Metropolis (100-199): ——$100,000/day    
      • Megalopolis (200+): ——–$250,000/day
    • Nations
      • Land of… (0-9) —————-$10,000/day
      • Federation of… (10-19) —-$25,000/day
      • Dominion of… (20-29) —–$50,000/day
      • Kingdom of… (30-39) ——$75,000/day
      • Empire (40-59) ————– $100,000/day
      • Realm (60+) —————– $150,000/day


Additionally, town registration fees and other things have been adjusted:

  • Town registration fee (one time) = $3,500
    • Outposts are now $7,500 each
    • Town block claims are now $750/chunk (16×16 block area)
  • Nation registration fee (one time) = $100,000


Again, these prices will be changing on May 26th. So if you would like to take advantage of the low pricing currently, please do so before the 26th of May.



  • Since this server is survival, in order to discourage users of just killing themselves to regenerate their health/hunger instead of eating; players will now lose 10% of their mcMMO skills every time they die.
  • Woodcutting experience has been fixed. A player reported that gaining experience in woodcutting was smaller than usual. You should now be gaining experience at a normal rate now.
  • Gaining experience in sword, unarmed, axe and archery has been reduced slightly due to the power it has at high levels.



  • Common Books are now $7,500 each. Other books have remained the same.


Voting System – Updated to v1.0.3

  • New loading screen to allow most sites to load in order for the overall experience for users to be smoother.
  • New “Jump To” functionality when inside the voting frame. This allows you to jump to a voting site much more easily for whatever reason.
  • New “Open in New Tab” button – Allows you to open the current voting site in a new tab incase it doesn’t load or work correctly within the frame.
  • Frames no longer stack where you will end up with 10 sites open in the end. Improves performance and load on your browser.
  • Added alternative voting section in case voting frames do not work well for you. You will just need to manually click each link to vote.

Misc Bug Fixes

  • Sell shops for each race now shows accurate pricing for each rank.
  • Stepping on the pressure plate at spawn to preview bundle packs has been fixed. Although, you are still not allowed to actually test them out. We are still figuring out a way for users to do this.
  • The amount of iron needed to upgrade furnaces have been reduced